When Something Fishy is going on...

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It's a hot summer day and you decide to go for a swim. Your idea of floating in the calm, cool water relieving the stress shatters when you reach the pool. You see there are others who have had the same idea. From grizzly, old bears who can barely walk (much less swim) to just-out-of-womb babies ready to become the next Michael Phelps.

So, let's explore the kind of people you might find in a swimming pool.

1. Klutzy Sharks

Some people have an instinct to avoid danger and then there are these, who manage to hit EVERY PERSON in the pool. Even if they are wearing goggles, it seems like their ultimate pleasure lies in ramming others as if swimming is a game of bumping cars. They survive every “accident” with an oh-it-was-inevitable smile. Watch out for these predators.

2. Mesmerising Dolphins

This kind of people make you wonder whether mermaids are really a myth. Each movement of theirs is so smooth that If they dive, the entire pool stops to admire their beauty. As pretty as they may look, they leave no stone unturned in stealing your thunder. *sigh* If only Poseidon would have blessed me instead of them.

3. Plodding Turtles

They might be great swimmers, putting all their experience into perfecting the technique with as much as grace as their old bodies can but their speed is such that the snail waves at them from the finish line. It’s 'line on an escalator with an elderly couple in the front' situation all over again.

4. Enthusiastic Tadpoles

These kids cannot see a human at peace. They splash, climb on your back or simply start crying if they see you enjoying in the pool. With the energy of a million joules and a bladder the size of a peanut, you may get a lot of “natural” surprises.

 5. Mama Frogs

The kids got those irritating genes from somewhere. These parents leave no chance to take the burden off their shoulders and pile it on your tired ones. It starts with “ beta isse deep mein mat jaane dena, mein zara ek lap maar aau” and goes on to “ isse bhi swimming sikha do”. Do not forget to take the babysitting fee the next time you meet them.

     6. Social Goldfish

    You think pool is for swimming? Of course not.
    You have to endlessly update your status, post 15-20 thousand selfies and tell the whole wide world that you went swimming. It’s not important whether you know how to swim or for that matter have even stepped into the water. The crucial part is the costume - you know if it is fashionable enough or not. They find the perfect background and get angry if a single drop of water lands on their iphones.

    Despite all this, swimming is the best way to beat the heat and Wishup is there to help you find a trainer and a pool nearby. Just to avoid being claimed by the drowned gods.


    Authored by Millind Agarwal
    Suffers from hyper active syndrome, fiddles around with things, still figuring out his way in life, wants to change the world. May not fit into the conventional idea of a writer but doesn’t shy away from playing around with wild ideas.