What have we learnt from Bollywood?

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We all have at least once watched some incredible and strictly-worth-watching movies of our own Bollywood. So we have made a list of what these movies have taught us.

1) That exercise matters. Because girls do it, so do boys.


Movie: Prem Agan

2) To always be super-excited like Prem Kishen.


Movie: Mai Prem Ki Deewani Hoon

3) How to call someone.


Movie: Jaani Dushman 

4) That this guy’s name is Bulla.


Movie: Gunda

5) That even a car can have superpowers, but you can’t even pass the semester.


          Movie: Tarzan: The Wonder Car

Authored by Vasudha Parashar.

A new girl in the city. Prefers writing over speaking. Introvert for people, crazy for friends. Reads and eats a lot.