Tu Traveller hai, bc

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You might not meet Bhati to illustrate why you are a traveller. So, here I am, to your rescue (you can thank me later).
Check out these 9 common traits every traveller possess, if you find these relatable, take it as a great sign.

1. Peace of mind
Travellers hardly care about anything else while on a tour. They pack all their problems in a basket and hide it in a dark corner of their brain until they return. Now you know what to ask a traveller the moment you meet them.

2. Explore it all
“We didn’t come so far to come this far.” The statement perfectly illustrate a traveller. Once reached their destination, they won’t ever turn back without seeing it all. Even when a storm is coming.

3. DIY 
They can do everything by themselves. They don’t need no mommy to do their chores. They won’t even ask for your help even if you’re stuck because, you know, they’ll get out of it in no time.

4. Light carriers
Their bag would appear something like a Doraemon pocket (no, I’m not kidding). They carry every item that can be required during the expedition and you won’t even know where they are keeping that stuff.

5. Opportunists
Their sixth sense is stronger than any other person on the planet. They will take the ride the moment a seat is emptied. And you’ll still be figuring out which direction to go.

6. Immature foodies
When it comes to food, they can and will eat everything on table. So, if you’re eating with this kind, better throw your etiquettes in the bin.

7. Wannabe photographers
They always carry a camera around their neck. And it clicks magically at all the right times. Crazy, huh?

8. Music admirers
You can’t compete with the choice of a traveller. Don’t even try.

9. Awesome attitude
Even a saint is not as satisfied with his life as a traveller. They’ll burn you down to ashes reciting tales of their awesomeness. And you’ll be left helpless.

If you possess any of these traits, then my friend, you’re at the wrong place. Don’t worry. We’ll help you out in finding the perfect spot to spend your vacation at.

For those of you find yourself lost at the sea, this post has been inspired by TVF Pitchers.