Travelling in 20's

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Those days of early 20's when you finally leave the nest. You get the chance to explore yourself, pursue your dreams and have new experiences. New city, new people and most importantly new adventure. This is the time when you create those memorable years you will be telling your grand kids as stories teaching them a "lesson".

The best way to make the most of these years is travelling. So let's justify those cravings of leaving the house in your 20's.

1. Don't hesitate to initiate conversation

You’ve met the same people and had the same conversation a hundred times. You have got to use this opportunity to come out of your bubble and approach new ones. After all, the more you converse, the more stories you get. Bring out the chatterbox in you and try mixing with the locals and who knows you might build some lifelong relations.

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2. A broke CFO

Well 20's are a phase with high energy and low cash but now you are your own financial supervisor. So its a great time to learn how to handle money, the balance between spending and saving, more importantly how to have a blast in limited income. Remember with great power comes even greater responsibility. With unexpected events occurring on a trip, travelling gives you the perfect trailer for your life ahead.

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3. All the time in the world

It's not like you have a family to take care of, or studying 24x7. With a vague plan for future, time is one thing you have in abundance. So use this time to travel the world. Make as many spontaneous plans as you want to.

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4. I'm the master of my own will.

The moment those dreadful teenage years are over, you have the freedom to step out of the house without playing 'who will be a millionaire'. Moreover you know how to handle your parents *wink wink*.

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5. Complete the itinerary

Everybody has that bucket list of places to visit. This is the perfect time to strike off as many places as you can because at this age you possess all the energy to enjoy activities from visiting monuments to adventure sports.

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6. Coming to terms with your identity.

These trips help you a long way in finding your own way. By encountering diverse situations, you find your comfort level, may even find your talents and the answers to all the philosophical questions on life, love, dreams etc.

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Authored by Millind Agarwal

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