Traveller's Diary

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Your travel experience is one of a kind. Even when others visit the same place, they won’t see it the way you did. That’s why it becomes highly important to write down the experience for others to learn, after all you are the centre of attraction of your blog.
If you are wondering where to start, what not to write, or how to write ( you not being a writer), I am always here to help with my secret recipe of writing a perfect travelogue.

1. Pictures
I’m pretty sure you’ve clicked hundreds of awesome pictures of those moments. Use your selection ability and upload the best of those in your travelogue. Your fans would love to read a pictorial blog.

2. Exaggeration
A little bit. Of your most precious moments. Remember, do not exaggerate each and every incident or else, they’d get bored.

3. Drama
Again, a little bit. It’ll help you to add a comedy touch to your article. Don’t drown into emotions, keep yourself in control. This can be really tough to handle.

4. Heroic elements
Go ahead! Be the Salman Khan of your blog. It’s your copyright. You are the one and only bhai over here. And bhai ki entry should be incredible.

5. Great words
Use your partner google to find beautiful words while exaggerating or describing the wanderlust beauty of the destination. This will create a picture over the reader’s head.

6. Your style
You can create one. Your blog.. Your rules..

7. Flow
Keep all the incidents flowing in a pattern, either datewise or placewise. Or create a storyline if you’re reciting random events. But don’t break the flow of the reader.

8. Emotions
Love, care, affection. This kind of stuff attracts readers. Appreciate your family and friends for such a wonderful trip.

9. To the point
Don’t beat about the bush while talking about your experiences. Keep your thoughts short, precisely put and to the point. Basically, ignore the irrelevant stuff like taking directions, bus rides, hotel staff, because even you don’t care about that stuff.

10. Start off
Yes! Pick up your pen or laptop. And commence your endeavour!