Things to take care of during a trip

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If you love cheap thrills, a road trip will become a salvation to your soul. Buckle up, my friend, and get ready to hit the streets. Meanwhile, go through my guide to taking care of your beloved car/bike during the trip. After all, that's your one and only companion throughout, right?

1. Hide your stuff

The last thing you want to happen to your car is being stolen. Whenever you're going to pull off to check into a hotel, valet queue, or outside a restaurant, take a halt before to hide your stuff in a safe compartment. Put the small items in your dashboard and expensive bags under the seat. Call the ninja in yourself.

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2. Regular checkups

Your poor ride can't consult a doctor by itself. So, it becomes your job to get your vehicle checked for any leakage or potential wheel burst. You are her everything and she needs you.

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3. Watch out!

A road trip is no place to perform professional stunts or thrilling actions. Be careful while taking a narrow cut or overtaking someone. You don't want your vehicle to end up with a scratch or a broken limb. You love her, right?

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4. Travel light

Don't overload your car with stuff you know you won't be needing. She can't carry it all. Have mercy.

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5. Keep a manual handy

You might (the worst case) land into an unfortunate situation like a mud swamp or deep snow. Take some precautionary measures for these well in advance. Develop a know-how on tackling such situations before driving into action.

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6. The documents

Double check for your license, insurance and registration even if you're a 100% sure that these are kept in the car only. You never know when you come face-to-face with a straight faced officer inspecting the validity of your trip.

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Wish you a happy vacation, my friend. Remember, the phrase "hit the road" is just an expression. Drive safe.