Things to do this football season (if you hate football)

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There are two types of people in this world- those who worship football and those who just don’t get the point of 22 dudes chasing after a much-beaten down ball. The football season thus tends to be quite a drag for the latter category as we watch all our friends disappear into their lairs to drown themselves in the matches. So, this football season, I bring to you tips to survive this stressful time of the year.

  1. 1. Take this time to catch up on some shopping.

  2. It’s time you treat yourself to a bit of retail-therapy. This also gives you an opportunity to flaunt your new look to your friends as they emerge out of their caves, come the end of football season.

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2. Take the time to learn a few dance moves

Everyone knows that you’ve been using the same moves since 1989. It’s time you catch up with the trends. Save yourself some embarrassment and learn a few new dance moves.


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You could even start your own crew, just like Step Up. You know you’ve always wanted to and now you have the time too. Just gather all your weirdo-friends and bust a move!

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3. Learn yoga

It’s good for you and you can do it with friends too! Gather all your football-hating friends and have a fun session of yoga.

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4. Practise your pout

We know that this has never been at the top of your to-do list but now that you got nothing better to do, give it a shot! You could even take a leaf out of this guy’s book.


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If pouting isn’t your thing, we have a few more options for you.


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5. Train that unruly dog of yours

Sick of receiving complains about that incorrigible dog of yours? Take the time to finally teach him a few manners before the landlord finally kicks you out. Or at least train him to chase away the people you hate. Like maybe your in laws.

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Authored by Tvisha Gupta

A gypsy writer from Delhi who is likely to either be found lost in a novel or asleep. Animal lover and Game of Thrones enthusiast. Valar Dohaeris.