The mess-up theory

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*Sings in the tune of Big Bang Theory*

Our road trip was in an awesome phase,
Then nearly fourteen minutes ago complication started. Wait...
We ran out of fuel,
Just outside a boarding school,
The kids had savage tools,
We tried to run (we ran to hide),
Got caught, ended up being their ride,
That all started with the mess-up (UP)!

The travel blogs and stories depict the bright side of a journey. The scenic beauty, the ravishing oceans, the comforting meadow, the peaceful weather, and a lot of touching stuff. This article will take you to the reality check of every beautiful story you’ve read or heard.

1.The vomit
Be it a hill trek, or a beach escape, a vomit can ruin everything. It takes your travel spirit and crushes it. All you want then, is to run back home.

2. The Forgetting habit
Even a little chip (a memory card), if forgotten at home, can spoil your tripping experience. Now you can’t capture the erotic beauty of the moments.

3. The accommodation
We all need a place to crash on a vacation. If you’re not satisfied with it, you won’t get enough rest. If you don’t get enough rest, you’ll be weary throughout the trip. If you’re weary throughout the trip, your trip will be more of a compulsion than a vacation.

4. The drunk dead
Drinking is when all the fun begins. But you need to limit yourself. Or you’ll end up as a drunk zombie crashing everywhere on the trip.

5. The sudden rain
The whole trip becomes void if the weather does not want you to enjoy it. Well, it might be a beautiful experience at times but it can also make you run for home.

6. The airport clashes
We all mess-up at the airport. Forgetting our passport or scrounging for it in the depths of our bag, quarrelling with the receptionist or hostess, or getting stuck in the long, tiresome queues. Heads up! You’re gonna have a bad day ahead.

7. The bad hair day
Yes, this happens anywhere and at any time, especially when something really important is lined up.