The best carpentry tips and advice

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Carpentry is one difficult task for all. To memorize a measurement is a huge pain because we tend to forget it easily. Cutting out the wood crookedly just makes you want to stop continuing the construction works immediately because carpentry takes a lot of patience and effort to get the work done. Don’t worry anymore ‘cos we got your back with these tips that will help you get your work done perfectly and neatly with a bit of effort, of course, that is something we can’t help you with.

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Here are a few tips and advice you can use to do carpentry:

      1.      Perfecting the miter

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Nobody can perfect things immediately; there is always a process of trial and error practiced until you feel satisfied with it. If you want your miter to be perfect, then try over a test piece and once you think this is it and you are satisfied on the inside, then cut it in actual parts.

      2.      Pencil marks

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Sometimes a dot doesn’t work to cut out the wood. It is never perfect and can be a little curved, which leaves you in a dilemma where exactly to cut a piece of wood. Draw an arrow where you want to mark and then where the arrow is pointed is where you have to cut precisely.

      3.      No more hand nailing

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You may just hammer your finger instead of the nail that will leave you with an awful pain and throbbing in your finger. Ouch! Either you are blind or too busy with something else to cause yourself this pain. Well, it’s the 21st century and if you are still using your hammer to nail the gun then please, you really need to order a wheelchair. Those days have gone of nailing the nail with the hammer and the days of air-powered trim guns have made life so much easier for us.

It is a gun that lets you nail the nail in no time at all. It’s fast, easy, and convenient even for the beginners. 

      4.      Write the measurements

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It is obvious for the weak minded to forget the numbers and if you are someone who hates numbers, then please make it a point to write down the measurements every time. If you don’t and you have even an inch of a difference, then that it will just ruin your masterpiece and you might just get frustrated and leave it all!

      5.      Use the foot of the hammer

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It is often difficult to position the nail in the right order and it frustrates every single one of us. We just want to punch it with our knuckles but we know who will be injured and in pain. The best way to nail it in the precise position is by using the foot of the hammer. Use the foot of the hammer on the nail and it will fit perfectly as you wanted effortlessly.

      6.      Handy nippers

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You may never know when you have to take that stubborn nail out of the wood or wall. So always keep nippers in handy to take off the nail safely without hurting anyone.

Carpentry is something that not all of us can do. The hammer, screwdriver, nails, and other dangerous tools remind us of the movie “Final Destination” so you just leave them as they are and choose to live instead, which is obviously a smart choice. But you can’t let the movie haunt you for the rest of your life and not learn carpentry. It isn’t that difficult if you do it right and not be stupid enough to leave sharp objects here and there or leave the tools switched on. That will definitely get you killed. 

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