Shimla Summer Festival

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With the advent of your summer vacations, your longings for touring around the world (or at least India) must have risen, and if it hasn’t, it will after you read this article. Consider it a promising escape from your tight study schedule or hectic office hours.

The exquisite beauty of Shimla calls you to its summer festival organised annually in the months of May or June. So, if you haven’t planned for anything else yet, this is it!

Filled with cultural festivity, painting the sky into hundreds of colours, the Summer festival hosts a number of events and presents talent from all over the country. The 10 day festival reunites the various religions and traditions celebrated in India. The preserved heritage of the nation is presented in its most pristine form to light up an independent spirit in our souls.

The onset of summer is celebrated with immense pleasure and a loud gathering. Every attendee cheerfully welcomes the season without worrying about their sorrows and problems. Together, they appreciate their life and pray for the best to come. They thank God for a rich harvest and hope for the same the coming year.

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Celebrated at the Ridge in Shimla, this festival presents a true picture of the rich heritage of Himachal Pradesh. A half-marathon flag is hosted to mark the beginning of the event. The locals put up their stalls displaying handcrafted articles. Several events and competitions are organised to keep the spirit of the event alive. Magic shows, Miss Shimla, rock band competition, etc. are a few of those, attracting the youth to add to the enchanting charm of the event.

The whole festival defines the lively ambience of the city and the immortal enthusiasm among the locals. From flower shows to music concerts, dog shows to exotic Himachali food, the festival serves it all in a single platter. The cool weather adds to its glory and provides a visual impact in a progressive way.

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