Leh: Sindhu Darshan Festival

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Apart from all the glamour and glitter of festivals of India, the Sindhu Darshan Festival is different and unique in its own way. Let us take a look why it is so special.

What is it?
This festival is a celebration of the river Indus or Sindhu. It is held annually in the month of June for festivity and to encourage the culture and heritage of Leh, Laddakh.

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When did it start?
This festival was initially organised in 1997 on a full moon (Guru Purnima) and it has been celebrated every year since then. It covers three days, hence attracting a number of tourists and devotees from around the country.

Dates for this year?
June 23-26th.

What is so special?
Legend says that during this festival, people from around the country visit Leh with water from their respective places and immerse it in the river Sindhu, taking part in a ceremony known as “splitting the water”. Consequently the water from different states of the country mingles together, symbolizing national integrity.

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What happens in 3 days?
On the first day: a welcoming ceremony is conducted for the participants in which 50 Lamas address a prayer on the banks of the Indus. Also, a number of cultural programs and a bonfire at night takes place. On the second day, a sightseeing tour is conducted for the people. And on the last day, after a Pooja, the festival comes to an end.

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What is the aim of this festival?
This festival aims at portraying the Indus as a symbol of multi-dimensional cultural identity and cultural unity. Along with promoting the tourism of this area, it is also a significant recognition of the Indian soldiers who have bravely fought at the borders of India. Another purpose of this festival is to promote the Ladakhi community and expose more people into the Ladakhi flavours.

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