Is Wishup Circuit?

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“Bhai ne bola Bapu hain, toh hain!”

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I hope you all remember Circuit from the movie series Munna Bhai. Also, that he could do literally anything for his Munna Bhai. Have you ever wished if there were a Circuit in your life? All your problems would be solved. Anything you need anytime or anywhere, it would get to you. Well you can’t have Circuit, but you can have Wishup!
Here’s what Wishup can do for you, becoming the Circuit of your life. Well apart from kidnapping or killing someone.
  1. Food:
Hungry? Text Wishup. Wishup will get you food.

  1. Entertainment:
Want to watch a movie? Want to attend a concert? Tell Wishup, Wishup will book your tickets.

  1. Need to reach some place?
Call Wishup and get a cab at your service.

  1. Travel Bookings:
Do you ever feel like just leaving everything and go explore places? Text Wishup for hassle free travel assistance.
  1. Laundry:
Had a house party over night? And now no one wants to help you out in laundry? Wishup will lend you a hand. Just text.

  1. Grocery:
Need to buy groceries quick? Don’t worry, Wishup is there for you.

  1. Cakes, flowers, gifts:
Did you forget to order the cake for your buddy’s birthday? No worries, Wishup will do that for you. Flowers or a gift? Done.

Image source: Google Images
Anything you need, Wishup is just a touch away.

Authored by Vasudha Parashar.

A new girl in the city. Prefers writing over speaking. Introvert for people, crazy for friends. Reads and eats a lot.