How NOT to do laundary

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Doing laundry might be something that our generation fears and loathes more than any generations before us, cavemen included. While the tales of this common woe is found in most households, the fear is all the more real in the bachelors. Many people because of this reason suffer the fate of having to continuously buy and discard clothes simply because they haven’t been cared for. This is not a fate that you have to suffer, if you avoid these simple rules of how NOT to do laundry.

  1. Incorrect use of detergent: All washing machines are not created equal and therefore we need different detergents to help them achieve better cleaning results. Top and Front loading machines need different detergents to ensure compatibility with the cleaning process. This also includes the amount of detergent that has to be put into the machine. You would be wrong in assuming that more detergent equals better cleanliness.
  1. Improper use of machine itself: The worst thing you can do to your machine is loading up too many clothes in it. This results in adding strain to the machine itself as well as not providing enough room for rubbing of clothes. This leads to poorly cleaned clothes and a tired sad machine. Another mistake many people make is leaving out the laundry for a long time in the machine after washing. This would result in bad odor and a musty smell in the clothes and can cause fungal damage to the interior of the machine.


  1. Temperature of the water: The hot water is a silent killer of clothes. It can cause the clothes to bleed out the colors and make them dull. In addition it can also greatly reduce the lifespan of both the clothes and the machine. Unless you stay in an excessively cold (frozen pipes and all) place, go with room temperature water for your clothes.

  1. Don’t mix different types of clothes: Apart from the general rule of sorting the dark and the light,  try to sort out clothes based on size and usage. Bed sheets go together but not with very small items. The rough denims have got to stay away from their more delicate cousins.

  2. Bleeders: Do a quick bleeding test on your new laundry before washing them for the first time. For this you can wet a small area of the laundry item in question and rub it with some cotton or any other white cloth. See if the dye is coming off. If it bleeds then soak in cold salt water for an hour before washing them to minimize bleeding.

  3. Forgetting things in the pockets: From loose change to pens, important papers to your wallet, and even your phone, a lot can stay hidden in your clothes you set out to wash. Ensure that you have checked the pockets thoroughly beforehand otherwise you risk having the above mentioned item getting severely water damaged and damage may be caused to the washing machine components.


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