Diary of a wimpy traveler

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13th March, 2016
It's my birthday and while I should be celebrating with my family or friends (if only I had any), I'm stuck with these two bullies I met the other day, or should I say, got beaten by the other day. It still hurts. The pain is dancing throughout my body. Its moves are not letting me to move, that too carrying around 100 Kgs on my back, their bags. I wonder what they have filled these humungous monsters with. I won't be surprised to find gym weights inside. Why the hell can't they carry it? I mean, they are already triple my size. Trekking with bullies. Yes, that is exactly how I wished my birthday to be (sigh*), thank you Jesus.

"Hey Wimpy! Move your ass fast!" That is Placebo (or Bo). I don't understand why kids find that cool. What kind of a name is Bo. Anyway, my name is not Wimpy, if you're thinking. It's Aaron, with no slangy nick names. Sadly, not many people call me by my name. My mother calls me 'baby', my father 'boy', my sister 'joker' and my brother, well, let's not talk about it. And as you heard Bo, kids at school call me "Wimpy".

Every step forward make me curse the moment I agreed to join Bo and Harris (the other one) on this expedition. Why did I come here? Oh! I know. Because I didn't have any choice.
It's been almost two hours we've been walking and yet, I see no difference in the path from where we started. It's like we're circling around the mountain. Please Jesus, please. Talk some sense into their empty heads. And stop them.

A drop? Oh! I don't like instant rains, especially right now. Looks like even Harris doesn't like it. Thank you Jesus. Now, I can take a pause from the mission.

"Who told you to sit?" This kind of shit is always expected from Harris (full name- Harrishchandra Ramakrishnan), an Indian. Other Indians at school are not even treated as students. Good for him. He has a friend called Bo. I remember how Bo used to bully Indian students and newbie's in class 4th. (Now, he bullies everyone, even girls). Harris was both an Indian and a newbie, but he was smarter than anyone else could be. He threw random praises at Bo, flattering him. By the time he realized he was tricked, both of them had become best friends. I thought this incident will make Bo respect Indians but the situation worsened. Harris joined him.

I could at least, put those bags aside. The weight was killing me. But I couldn't even die, because they will term that as suicide and my mom will blame herself for it her whole life. I was standing there, in the rain, with two bullies sitting on a stone beside me, giving me a starving look. What? Are you going to eat me now? And then the most cacophonous voice in the world broke the silence. Right, Bo!

"Hey! Wimpy boy! Dance for me."

I've heard a lot of shit coming out of that mouth, but this statement crossed all the boundaries. He wanted me to dance for him on a steep, slippery mountain in the rain. I denied without giving a second of thought to the consequences.

And the most expected happened next. Bo lifted me up with my collar to his own height and chanted those clichéd lines- Did we ask for your opinion? How dare you deny? Don't you love your life? Do you have any idea what I can do to you?.. etc..etc.. It's always the same, and then, as predicted he threw me.

I tried and stood again, and that was taken as a sign of fighting back. Bo got all excited. He started moving towards me like a savaged lion. I moved my weak limbs to grasp his bag that was lying across. It was heavy. But I tightened the grip and with a jolt, threw it on his face. Harris jumped in. And their went the other bag. I did not have enough energy left but if I had, I would've literally danced then. Both the monsters were lying across my foot screaming in pain. This was my chance to run away. But something stopped me.

I could not leave them like that there. I recalled my mother had put an antiseptic in my bag. I pulled it out and applied on both of their faces. Then, I helped them stand back. I had never seen Bo silent for such a long time before. We continued the journey and this time, we carried our own bags. And I led the group with a map and a compass. It took three more hours to reach to the top.

The view from the top was worth the turbulence created. We even caught a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow and finally, after so long, I sat down. I looked at the two and smiled (I don't know why), but they looked confused (obviously). Now, I could say that I had an awesome 14th birthday. And yes, things are going to be better off at school.

We were going back when I fell down with my face dipped in mud. And a spontaneous laugh sufficed the incident. Things are just not going to change-ever.