Dance tips for beginners,Important Dance Tips and Advice

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Dancing is a passion most of us have. It is also one of the clumsiest forms of physical work. When you are at a party, you see people shaking off their bodies so well while you’re standing at a corner, sipping on your punch and faking a smile. Meanwhile your soul is screaming for help. 

Here are some tips to help you learn a thing or two about dance.
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1. Go with the crowd
Follow what the crowd does and if you miss a beat, you know what to do. Just pretend like nothing happened. Just be as natural as Dr. Sheldon Cooper would be while giving a speech. You know what we mean.

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2. YouTube Videos
YouTube videos are our saviours. Log in to YouTube and learn how to dance in just 15 hours (after you have browsed panda videos, learned to make momos and wat. Make sure you don’t crash your house down; try learning in an empty area and go for the crowded one if you are absolutely positive that you won’t break your butt.

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3. Dance Classes
They are always fun…fun as in for degrading your self-esteem as you see kids younger than you with an elastic body, dancing like a rubber band. However, dance classes do help you improve your basic steps, for example, jumping from left to right. YAYYY! Such an accomplishment!  No, but seriously, dance classes do help! (Or, maybe they don't?)
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4. Signature Dance Moves
I am sure that you all must have at least one signature dance step that you had learnt during the time of Spice girls, Backstreet boys, etc. Use it everywhere if you love dancing and want to dance. No matter how rowdy the dance is; dance like there is no tomorrow and no one is watching, even though there are thousands of people in a corner judging you for your idiocy. But what does it matter if you’re doing what you love to do even if you may suck at it!
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5. Go with the beat
It is not like you’re a complete idiot when it comes to dancing; you know a little something here and there. Drop yourself on the floor just as the beat drops. Remember that one time when Mr. Bean didn’t know the lyrics to a hymn, he screamed when the chorus came. You are the Mr. Bean of dancing. Move your body loosely and just go crazy when the beat drops. Even if you are no prepared to dance in front of the public, do the Harlem Shake and go wild!
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