Advice and tips for hiring a wedding photographer

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The Wedding Day(more like a month) is supposed to define the kind of married life you will have with your spouse, but more than that Indian marriages are all about flaunting. So much of planning; right from the hairdo to deciding the makeup artist, from that attractive wedding dress to the table settings; every moment we spend in that particular period is something we feel like never leaving behind. This perhaps is the main reason why hiring a good wedding photographer is of utmost importance. If your ‘W-day’ is round the corner, do give a thought to hire the best and experienced photographer in the town. He will certainly make you relive the moments even after ages.
However, here are some advice and tips for hiring a wedding photographer which will make the job much smoother.

1. Consider their style of photography you would want:

Image result for different wedding photography styles in one picture

Wedding photography comes with a huge array of styles; take time to explore them and find out the one that you would like. This makes it easier for you to find a photographer who can match that style. A good place to start is to visit the websites of good wedding photographers.

2. Consider your budget:

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Everybody has a budget. Find yours and stick to it. This will help in setting the cap that how pricey a photographer you can afford. Do not negotiate too hard on the price since some photographers may take offence against their talents.

3. Consider their professionalism:

             Image result for professional wedding camera

Image result for professional wedding camera

You would like to have a full time professional photographer. Try to avoid people who do it only as a part time gig. They might give you excellent packages, but can mess it up since they are still learning.

4. Ask to see samples of completed weddings:

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Ask questions about the pictures to ensure authentication. Try to see the entire album of the wedding instead of just the best shots that they would want to show you. This will help you determine the success ratio of the shot films and will give you a fair idea about how many important moments were captured perfectly.

5. Ask for the packages available with them at present:

There are plenty of wedding photographers who have special rates for the wedding season. Also, try to understand what all the packages include; for example, photography, digital copies, rights to publish and printing of albums. Another good question to ask is regarding their payment terms including policy for advance and cancellations.

6. Find out what cameras they use and if they have a backup:

By asking this question, you are trying to determine if the wedding photographer has any previous experience in covering weddings and if he has alternate arrangements made in case of any exigencies. You would not like to take a risk on the big day with this.  

7. Find out their reviews by digging a bit deeper:

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Everyone provides references which are favorable. You would like to also ask for incidences which did not turn out well. This will reveal their attitude and inform you about their level of maturity and professionalism.

8. Always insist on a Test-Run:

Try a dress-rehearsal or engage in a photo shoot to work out any kinks. As you become aware of their work style and they find out about your expectations, it will be an easier relationship with no ugly surprises for the big day.
Hope you get in touch with the right wedding photographer to cherish the beautiful moments!