A letter to road

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Dear road,

I’ve always been so fascinated by you. Your infinite routes, hypnotic curves, innocent nuances and the tenacious attitude towards life. I wonder how you tolerate the overloaded trucks passing over you. The speedy cars tearing you down into brittle rocks. I wonder how you go on.

From downtrodden tribes to sophisticated skyscrapers, you’ve seen it all. You are the lifeline of love birds hanging around, the ecstasy of a college reunion, salvation for the gang scrounging for their passion. You are the missionary driving families together. You are hope for the blind to look at the gleaming light, for the lost to discover their destination, for the deaf to hear the noisy arguments, for the abducted to find his home.

You are beautiful and I wish, for once, to be like you. To take every pain and abuse without complaining. To look straight even in the darkest nights. To never stop at any point. To strengthen the broken bonds between strangers. You deserve to stand on the hall of fame, to teach the mankind the essence of living.

Sometimes, I wonder what you’d tell me if you talked. Who your voice be like? A wise old man providing a piece of advice. A loving mother floating in an ocean of affection. An innocent child who has still not learned to discriminate. Or a curious teen, just like me, eager to know about me.

However silly they call me, dear road, you’ll always be my inspiration. It breaks me when they spit on you, fight on you, break you, insult you, suppress you, but I don’t have enough power to stop everyone.

I wish they felt for you the same way I do. I promise to halt the inhuman actions performed on you that I can. I promise to be your voice for you deserve life more than I could ever. And I want you to promise me to keep doing what you do. GO ON FOREVER.

A human.