When life gives you too many friends...

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Ever felt bored with your life? Wanted to spice things up but just didn’t know how? Today, we bring to you some of the best (maybe, a bit cruel) ways to toy with your friends (and maybe even turn them into enemies). Because you can never have too many foes (or was it friends?)

  1. 1. Watch the latest episode of GoT before them and keep sending them spoilers

This is the best way to get your best friend to stop talking to you. For good. If you really, really hate them, go a step further and make up your own version of the episode where their favourite character dies and watch your friendship slowly wither away.

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2. Borrow their hard disk and replace their entire movie collection with Bhojpuri movies

This is the cruellest thing that you could do to anyone- aside from murdering their puppy, of course. A few choice titles would be as follows:

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3. Offer to book a cab for them but “accidentally” choose the wrong destination

Your (soon-to-be-ex) friend deserves a break, i.e., a long car ride to the other part of town, to help them relax on a busy day. Make it your responsibility to give them the opportunity to catch a breath by booking them an air conditioned long drive that they don’t really have the time for.

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4. Plan a Goa trip with them and secretly invite their entire family

This is sure-fire way to book yourself a place in a section of hell reserved for the truly evil-at-heart. Watch the light fade from his eyes as your friend realises what you did to him.

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5. Switch the contacts of his mother and his girlfriend on his phone  

This is not for the faint-hearted. Expect to feel the fire of his hatred through revenge-pranks. Do try to get a video of this though and share it with the world. Who needs friends when you got internet-fame?

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6. Take them to a fancy restaurant and proceed to let your inner-crazy out

Consider this an opportunity to explore your creative side as you look for innovative ways to embarrass them to the point where they never want to be seen with you in public ever again. Practise your ventriloquism skills as you go from innocent beeping noises to the more inventive screeches. Proceed to imitating walruses using bread sticks or whatever tools that you have nearby.

PS: Bonus points if you manage to get yourself kicked out from the restaurant.

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When life gives you too many friends, but you only need Wishup, just follow these tips..


Authored by Tvisha Gupta
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