5 Tips for Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

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The moment you step inside your home from the fiery heat, all that can act like your best friend is an air-conditioner. In fact, nothing else can beat the heat like that of an AC as we have affectionately come to call it. To keep it working for long and well, you need to keep a check on the maintenance of the machine. Here are 5 tips for annual air conditioner maintenance that you can do all by yourself:
  1. The air filters are the key:

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The first task that you should be paying attention to when you start the annual maintenance for your air conditioning system is making sure that the air filters placed inside the indoor unit are free from dirt and dust. Once you have completely switched off the air conditioner, you can easily remove them from the unit where they are placed by pulling up the plastic flap in most modern air conditioners. Once you are done with this and you have removed the filters, you can easily wash them under a running tap and even use an old toothbrush and some household detergent to finish the job.

  1. Is it full of gas?

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Freon is the gas which is put inside the air conditioner and it is responsible for the cooling. Usually you do not need to refill the gas every year. However, due to some leakage you may notice that the air conditioner isn’t cooling up to the usual standard.  You need to call in the air conditioning company to have this refilled.

  1. See if it all connects (wiring and smaller components):

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Once you are accustomed with fiddling around with your air-conditioner and you are sure what goes where, you can run a quick check to see that all the components are where they are supposed to be. If you suspect that a few of the components might have come loose or you sense any burnt smell in there, you should be calling in the experts. Burnt smell is usually a good indicator of a component which may have come loose and causing a short circuit, which has to be fixed to avoid sparks and major system failures.

  1. The thermostat says what?


The thermostat is the eyes of the AC. It tells the machine that whether it should cool further or stop cooling to maintain a pleasant (as told by you) temperature in the room. The thermostat has to function right to save energy as well as not putting extra load on the machine.

  1. What’s that outside?


Finally it is time for you to move outside and see the poor baby sitting in the sun. The outside unit needs to be covered during the winters to protect it from the elements and the debris from falling inside. To bring it to order in the summers, you need to wash it thoroughly when it is switched off and ensure that there is no disconnect from the inside unit.

It is of paramount importance to ensure that the air conditioner is switched off at all times during the maintenance, so that you don’t get any ugly shocks. For any doubts or guidance, you can contact the manufacturing company of the unit as well as for a small sum call in the experts, who can take care of all these for you. 

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