The Harry Potter Guide to Management

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When we found Wishup, we were scouring for a management philosophy to follow. After scratching our heads and beards alike, we suddenly realised that the answer we sought is in our beloved Harry Potter books!
While the novels are now entrenched in the chamber of immortality, their significance far transcends the genre of mere adult function.
Here are our favourite management takeaways from the series —

1. It is our choices that truly show what we are more than our abilities.

The Death Eaters, highly skilled people, were defeated by the Dumbledore’s Army, underage wizards and witches. Everybody possesses a set of abilities, what you choose to make of them is what will matter in the end.

2. Prejudices need to be quelled to seek beyond the ‘acquired label’. 

At Wishup, we meet all sorts of beings —  squibs, giants, half-giants, werewolves, house elves, centaurs. We always meet everybody keeping Professor Remus Lupin in mind. He was the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher ever and a werewolf.

3. Treat people as equals.

Dobby was a house-elf, Luna was ‘loony’ and Hagrid was a half-giant but Harry deemed them all friends. When we treated people as equals, we gained unwavering loyalty.

4. Recognise the team players.

Even Lord Voldemort, for all his lone shark persona, needed a team. We know Harry wouldn’t have made it without the help of Ron and Hermione. We always appreciate our team players.

5. Sacrifice lineage at the altar of talent.

Hermione was a muggle born yet she was easily the cleverest witch/wizard of her age. We realised that the lack of Ivy League credentials is not symbolic of the absence of talent nor the presence of mundane. 

6. Become a leader, not an oppressor.

The more we make people toe the line, the more likely they are to respond with a full fledged Filibuster Fireworks show. Remember when Dolores Umbridge tried to force Hogwarts to dance to her tunes?

7. It’s never too late to change.

Ok, maybe it is when you have made seven horcruxes. But we were talking more about the teenage Dumbledore, the Snape before Lily’s murder  . It makes you more humane, genuine and approachable.

 8. What’ll come will come and we’ll meet it when it does.

Not all of us have access to the admirable resources of the ever peculiar Sybill Trelawney. We fall off our broomstick quite a few times, get attacked by bludgers and are in a constant contest to catch the snitch. We don’t Avada Kedavra. We just stay calm.

9. Expecto Patronum.

More often than not, we are attacked by dementors of doubt. Don’t hesitate to dive into your pandora of happy memories. They will keep you sane and going.

Most importantly, we keep reminding ourselves that magic is always around us. Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not real. Sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith and some serious imagination.