Crazy Cake Requests

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The following post is very comic and is, believe it or not, based on true events. It is in every way, shape or form meant to be funny, comedic and taken to be as such. All the images used in the post were sent to us by our users and the author doesn’t claim any right to them. People suffering from FBD (Funny Bone Deficiency) may find the post disturbing, offending, sexist etc. and subsequently develop moral seizures and cerebral malfunctioning.  
We are advised to advise viewer discretion which, we are sure, will be vehemently ignored.

One of Wishup’s niche segments is ‘ Customised Cakes’. Our clients send us pictures of cakes they want to order and we get it done for them. 
Sounds pretty nifty…right? 
Yeah, that’s what we thought too. It was only when we started receiving requests that we realised how much we had undermined the phrase “vivid imagination”.

Have a look at these actual cake requests that we received.

You know you have best friends if you get one of these…


If you were wondering whether we are slaves of technology, then the answer is a sweet yes.

Now, scroll down only if you are above 18.

PS - No bakers were harmed during the processing of these requests. A couple or two might have fainted.