The 7 Most Thrilling Roads in India

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Ladies and gentlemen, you are requested to take your seats and fasten your seat-belts. The plane is about to take off for a cooler and crazier summer.
The adventure begins at home.
Do you have a car? Check.
If not, then a bike? Check.
A love for thrill? Check.
Awesome, now we take off.

1. Khardungla Pass - The devil's heaven

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LADAKH - With an invincible height of 5602 meter, this road can be your worst nightmare or even Satan's call. The unpaved surface makes it slippery for even an experienced driver to handle. Don't be surprised if you get glimpses of Hades on its fierce turns.

2. Kishtwar Kailash Highway - The wild beast

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JAMMU and KASHMIR - The road is not at all guarded by fences, thus claiming control on life as an unfettered beast. Further, it is covered with an overhanging cliff making it very difficult for a sumo or a heavier vehicle to pass through. Unless you are a seasoned mountain driver, showing off your SUV here is not an option. Go for a bike or a small car.

3. Zoji la Pass - The land is falling

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SONAMARGThe mix of snow and dirt have poisoned many a driver with an abhorrence to driving. Frequent landslides add to its already nasty flavour. But if you think, you can survive on the falling land, go ahead.. aim for the stable sky.

4. NH 22 KINNAUR ROAD - The wild horse

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KINNAUR - The road will keep coming to you like a dark horse with its narrow, blind turns and insane tunnels challenging you to survive every minute. It is has a scandalous reputation for numerous fatal accidents. We are afraid this road doesn't fancy humans very much...

5. Nathula Pass - The whisperer

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SIKKIM - You can't share your secrets with your bestie here. The nature listens to you and trust us when we say it understands you as well. The secret lies in the name: 'Nathu' means listening ears and 'la' pass.  Located at an altitude of 14,140 feet above sea level, this pass is worth visiting, especially for someone like you- with a traveller's soul.

6. Tawang Road - The lone wolf

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LADAKH - Standing at an awe-inspiring 5602 meter, this road can be your worst nightmare or even Satan's call. The unpaved surface makes it slippery for even an experienced drivers. Don't be surprised if you occasionally glimpse Hades on its fierce turns.

7. Lachung to Yumthang (Zero Point) - A bird's eye view

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SIKKIM - It will be love at first sight. The view from the zero point is so incredible that it makes the road worth driving through. No doubt, it is tough to cross this pass but believe us, it is worth the risk.

Authored by Pragati Gupta
A vagabond poet, perpetually drunk on an overwhelming fervour for writing, wishes to get her book published someday, believes in the power of words to break and nurture bonds between people. You can reach her at [email protected]