10 things people forget the most on a vacation

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It skipped out of my mind.
I was distracted by that thought.
I have a lot more things to think of.
Why didn't “you” remember that?
Not such a big deal, we’ll buy one here….

Ever heard yourself quoting these words? Well, you won’t have to any longer. We bring to you the top 10 things people forget the most while packing for a vacation.

So, next time when you’re asked to pack, make sure to keep these 10 things first.

1) Toothbrush: It is pretty common to see people forget their toothbrushes on the trip. If you have a well-maintained stock of unused toothbrushes, then you fall in the category.

2) Comb: Forgetting a comb is acceptable for those who don’t want to look decent, or those who have maggi hair, that don’t need to be combed. But for a normal human being, the realisation comes as a punch on the face.

3) Medicines: Although most of us would want to leave our bitter-tasting medicines deliberately, this little mistake can ruin your whole trip. Not only will you feel physically weak, but also psychologically.

4) Towel: If you don’t want to feel disgusting throughout the trip, DO-NOT-EVER forget your towel. Otherwise, this trip would become the worst experience of your life.

5) Charger: And here you are. Begging everyone for a charger, basically for the life of your phone. Go on! Be a typical whiner. “Mera phone mar jayega, Bhagwan ke liye apna charger de do.”

6) Handkerchief: “Really? You thought one hanky would be enough for a 3-day trip. You’re so cheap.” Keep a stock of hanky handy if you don’t want to hear that.

7) Sanitary napkins: Because you never know when that devil attacks you. Keep some of the napkins even if you’re too sure it’s not going to happen.

8) Socks: Of course socks. You don’t want to wear shoes without socks, right? or Do you?

9) Shaving Kit: Better remember packing it as a priority if you don’t want to look like an early age giant to everyone. A proper beard will even help you pick up girls.

10) Slippers: It might not sound that important. If you’re okay with using wash room in your expensive woodland shoes, go ahead.

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