6 Things every woman will relate to

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While the Earth sincerely takes 365.26 days to complete a revolution, the human civilisation will probably take a few hundred more (revolutions not days) when it comes to accepting women liberation. Please do not shoot us down as the extremist, fascist wing of feminism. We do realise that women have come a long way from begging for voting rights to finally begging for equal pay (somewhere in between they also coerced the world to take a stand against sexual harassment). But there are still more eyebrows raised on supposedly immoral Naari behaviour than on more incredulous trapeze acts.
So, we made a list of several run-of-the-mill (read mundane) circumstances that our Naari clan has to go through surrounded by the inevitable swarm of stretched-to-the-breaking point eyebrows.


1. Cigarettes anyone?

Sometimes there is nothing better than a drag or two to blow the stresses of your day away. But suddenly your harmless puff of smoke has turned into a fiery inferno (fresh from the devil’s abode) out to morally corrupt the masses.

2. Booze anyone?

Whether you are buying liquor from a mall or from your local theka, be prepared to receive the stern gaze from the uncle who is selling, giggles from the scruffy boys who are by the way still underage to consume alcohol in any form (even cough drops) and the last but the everlasting stalkers who will readily (almost always without your consent) drop you home (we say ‘chase’ but we also think a girl gotta have fun so well what do we know).

3. Condoms anyone?

It would take lesser time to convince the world of the discovery of Hogwarts than to convince them of the fact that girls don’t buy condoms because they are slutty. It is because they have needs like any other homo sapien, it prevents the transmission of undesirable diseases and more importantly protects from unwanted pregnancies without compromising the fun.


4. The sole girl in the gang (anyone?)

Oh this one is a favourite. So you are hanging out with your guy friends and you are the only female! What sanskaari girl does that! Are you trying to get yourself molested? Uummmm, well no. The truth is usually quite humdrum which in this case is just a bunch of friends hanging out and chilling (irrespective of gender representation stats) but again we are a society of budding Byomkesh Bakshis.

5. Wardrobe cliché anyone?

Just because she has an inclination towards ethnic dresses doesn’t mean she is naive or a behenji or a fun deprived creature. By the same token, if she has a tattoo or likes dressing funky, please don’t take it as a come-hither cue. Trust us, if she is into a guy, she will take a lesser painful route than getting a tattoo and will simply approach him.

6. Stuffing down anyone?

Sometimes we are so hungry like we could eat a horse (figuratively). Although, we do not sponsor the gobbling of food (primarily because it might choke the trachea), occasionally nothing gives more satisfaction than devouring those dishes like a savage from stone age. You go girl, let no look of judgement stop you from gorging down the town.

DisclaimerOur intention was not to stereotype a person, a group, a community, a country, a continent, a planet or a galaxy. We are just a bunch of entrepreneurs who are trying very hard to make a living by taking orders from people (and in turn writing a blog or two challenging common perceptions like this one).