Introducing WishUp - Your best ever Personal Assistant!

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Have you been longing to meet someone who doesn’t get annoyed by the real lazy you? Do you want to indulge in pure joy? Do you wish there were someone who completes your to-do list for free? “I’m the one for you” says WishUp who is here to pamper each one of us every day!

WishUp is the newest trend in Gurgaon. It is a startup which has been conceived from one basic idea, the idea that each one of us has the freedom to wish for anything we want. All of us are busy with our professional and family commitments. We are so busy competing in a rat-race that we forget what we really want.

In order to allow you to prioritize your leisure time, ex-BCG and Rocket Internet employees, Vivek Gupta and Neelesh Rangwani, have started WishUp. WishUp frees you from all the mundane activities that you wish someone else would take care of!

WishUp is just another friend on your whatsapp list. It needs no downloading or registering. Just a ping and they do the rest! It is much easier than making your boyfriend understand what you want! It is simple and straightforward. Let me narrate my encounters with WishUp :

Last week, I woke up to realize that my toothpaste tube was almost over... that I had to squeeze out the paste with considerable effort! Later on I reached out to my phone to whatsapp WishUp. (I wished I would not have to go shopping for groceries that day!)
Me: “Hi, I need a Close-up toothpaste by tonight. Can you help me?”
WishUp: “Sure ma’am. Can we get it home at 8pm after you’re back from office?
Me: “Can you make it 9 pm?”
WishUp: “Sure. Send us a pic of that product & we’ll record these details for the next purchase”
ME: I clicked a pic of the empty tube and sent it
WishUp: “It costs Rs.84. Please pay here”
Me: “Paid”
WishUp: “Thank you; leave the rest to us”

My colleagues and I decided to go out for lunch that day to a restaurant a little far away.
Me: “Hello. We are 3 and we need cabs immediately to go from my office location to Kanaya restaurant for lunch and back. Avoid waiting charges.”
WishUp: “Which one do you prefer- fasttrack/ola/or local taxi?”
Me: “Local taxi would do”
WishUp: “Sure ma’am. Please pay the driver directly at normal local taxi rates. He will be there in 5 minutes “
WishUp: Sends the driver contacts for up and down

Later in the evening I remembered about Bahubali movie release over the weekend
Me: “Can you get me 6 Bahubali movie tickets at Phoenix mall for Saturday/Sunday evening?”
WishUp: “Sure, do you have any seating preference?”
Me: “Just avoid the front two rows and pick any time between 6 pm and 11 pm”
WishUp: “We have one at 7 pm on Saturday where we have 3 seats in one row and 3 in another row. Shall we proceed to booking this one? There is no other available for this weekend ma’am.”
Me: “Oh no, do not book for now, please remind me about the movie for next weekend”
WishUp: “Okay, done!”

WishUp saved me more than an hour that day! Neither did I have to go to a store and wait at the billing counter nor go out in the scorching sun and wait to get a local taxi. I could also avoid the disappointment of returning from a movie hall empty handed! So many perks, so go for it!