7 signs that you are taking multi-tasking too seriously!

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7 signs that you are taking multi-tasking too seriously!

Juggling work, family and personal aspirations is a much admired skill in today’s world, as we want to squeeze more out of life! But is there such a thing as overkill? If you say yes to most of the below, you might want to think of other innovative ways to tackle the rush...

1) You think nothing of painstakingly booking a flight, while struggling to meet an office deadline late at night.

2) You would put a circus juggler to shame while holding your screaming baby in one arm and pushing a grocery cart with the other!

3) For that upcoming family holiday, the only thing 'family' about it are the pictures! They’re relying on you for all the bookings...Say Cheese!

4) Calling for an appointment with the Doctor while driving to work is not the smartest thing to do...but what the heck, at this rate you will need one eventually!

5) Making last minute changes to your restaurant booking while munching on your morning cereals has become second nature to you!

6) Your spouse complains you suffer from ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder! What are you thinking about- laundry? Seriously!

7) You find yourself thinking of that omnipresent to-do list at inopportune moments...like when you’re out for a morning jog...at the movies...in an intimate situation...

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