10 crazy and funny customer requests on Wishup!

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When we said ‘Your best ever personal assistant – ‘Wishup’ , we never expected such craziness :)
Some of these customer requests forced us to put on our thinking caps, for others we just split our sides laughing!

1) Tomorrow is my birthday. Send me a surprise gift please?!This one had the operators in knots. It’s easy when you specify a gift but tough when you leave us guessing. Challenge Accepted! Wishup delivered a pretty surprise for a pretty lady with all our best wishes!

2) I need a party!Don’t we all!? Our witty hospitable Wishup operator promptly invited the client to a housewarming party at our office premises! Here’s to the spirit of bon vivant!

3) Can I get a smile?It’s not every day that we get sunny requests like this one, that light up our faces! Our clever Wishup expert quipped, ‘Why is six scared of seven? Because seven eight (ate) nine!’ Peals of laughter at the other end of the line, followed by the best compliment ever ‘You remind me of Siri!’ Mission accomplished!

4) Gimme Maggi!A die-hard fan of Maggi texted us...the Wishup expert cautioned, “We could get it for you, but we’ve stopped eating it, ourselves, ever since it was in the news! Do you really want it?” So much for the legendary two minute fun!

5) I’m lonely, I want a friend! Do you provide friends? : Wishup is the best friend you could ever ask for – said our operator reassuringly- and then set about to look for some friends that he could actually hang around and have fun with...Oh Boy! these guys really try hard to fulfill every request!

6) May I get the dating service here?Move over the matrimonial services of the world, young people are now seeking ‘prince of my dreams!’ dates on WishUp. We’ll get it for you, no worries!

7) Puppy for an hour for my boyfriend!A young damsel-in distress pinged us for a fabulous gift idea for her beau... “Could you get a puppy for my boyfriend for an hour? It’s his birthday tomorrow?” We love creativity and this scores a perfect 10, but this request will take a little time lady!

8) Can you solve all issues between India and Pakistan?Sure buddy, we could paint the Earth pink too! This one had us in splits...if only we could do that! We’d be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize!

9) Solve this maths puzzle for meWe understand maths is not loved by all, little secret, we kind of do. Our experts put on the maths hat and pronto! Solution! Another happy wishuper.

10) This is left for your crazy wish.

Go ahead send us a crazy request and make our day. We might even feature it here in our next post...

Keep them coming, Gurgaon!